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Wait, you clicked that link? Bloody hell, I wasn't expecting that. That's like clicking the 'show more' in a YouTube description. I don't think anyone actually expects you to do it. But you're here now, might as well entertain you.

Links to other things.

Want to ask me a pointless and mundane question? Want to call me a shit-lord or whatever? Come here!
> I have a YouTube channel! I don't use it for much of anything but I have a playlist of the best music there!
I may be boring as hell. But that won't stop me having Twitter!

Song of the [Insert Unit Of Time Here].
11rd December 2014: Shut Up and Dance - WALK THE MOON

Every so often I'll return to this page and change the song. Take this as a 'What song I'm obsessed with this week' although how often I update this will be inconsistent at best. Past ones can be found here.

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